documents what Democrats refuse to acknowledge: They are being taken over by Left-wing “shock troops”

During a ‘discussion’ on his program Tuesday about the rise of Left-wing mobs that threaten, intimidate and employ physical violence against Trump supporters and Republicans in general, CNN host Don Lemon angrily shut down a conservative dissenter, claiming that such behavior was protected speech under the First Amendment.

The discussion got so heated that at one point, Lemon told network contributor Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast to “shut up” so he could lecture everyone on the attributes of free speech, The National Sentinel reported.

The argument began when Lewis argued that liberals refuse to condemn the mob behavior while noting that members of the Tea Party “didn’t hound people out of restaurants.”

“I’m waiting for liberals and intellectually honest liberals to admit that when you harass [U.S. Sen.] Ted Cruz [R-Texas] at a restaurant, that is also mob-like behavior. Why is it that I’m willing to concede that Donald Trump is a bad person and that’s mob behavior, but I never hear liberals come on and concede that,” Lewis said.

“The Tea Party did hound people. The Tea Party people hounded me when I went out to cover them! And do you know what I said?” Lemon shot back. “It was their right to do it because they’re Americans!”

“Don, if they started following you around a restaurant and running you out of places…” Lewis began to respond, but Lemon interrupted with, “But that doesn’t mean that people don’t get to object,” adding, “That’s your right as an American to object. It’s covered in the First Amendment. It’s like the first one!” documents the Leftist mob rule mentality daily 

Well, harassment and violence aren’t protected forms of “speech.” And besides, even if they were, he misses the point: Gangs of people assembled for the express purpose of physically intimidating others are, by definition, mobs. And mob rule is not how we do things in America. (Related: The Kavanaugh Effect: Here’s what happens NEXT (and why you should get ready)

The actions of Antifa and other Left-wing Marxist revolutionary wannabes have been meticulously documented at, one of hundreds of niche websites that is part of the ever-expanding Natural News Network, even if Don Lemon refuses to acknowledge their existence:

— On Oct. 8, the site reported how Democrat Leftists became completely unhinged following the swearing in of the Supreme Court’s newest member, Justice Brett Kavanaugh. After he was sworn in following the Senate’s highly partisan 50-48 confirmation vote, Republicans began receiving disturbing messages on their congressional cellphones – numbers that are closely held and could not have been accessed by the general public lest they be leaked (doxxed) by one of the few Capitol Hill staffers who maintain that information. One senator, Cory Gardner of Colorado, said his wife received a very graphic beheading video texted to her phone.

— Also this month, reported on another of scores of Left-wing academics who have begun calling for graphic violence to be committed against POTUS Trump supporters. “Look at thus [sic] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” tweeted Georgetown University Prof. Christine Fair, following Kavanaugh’s confirmation by the Senate Judiciary Committee. In reference to a video depicting “Lindsey Graham’s tirade,” Fair, who claims she is a sexual assault victim (don’t they all?), added, “all of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.”

And then this: “Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

— In late September the site reported that Ian Millhiser of the Left-wing group Think Progress tweeted, “Tell me again why we don’t confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy” (actually, the Left is destroying our country).

Check out daily to keep up with how the Left’s mob rule mentality continues to take over the [un]Democratic Party.

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